How to get Free My Fun Life Leads

Looking for the best way to get free, high quality My Fun Life leads?  

Around the clock?

You're looking at it!

It's blogging!  It just takes a couple of things to do it - some common sense, some time, and some focus.

Sound like you could do that?

In easiest terms, I create content for a target audience, and I give it to them.


Yeah, I've dabbled in paid advertising, but I'm no expert and in my heart I'm a free traffic guy.

Google likes quality information, and when they show my blog, people click on it.  They find me, and the super-easy way I show them to build a My Fun Life business. ;)

Of course, I create other content too, YouTube videos, press releases, slideshare files, free ads, forum postings...

... but all those support the blog.

And, honestly, if you've got a little time and a little money, this is the best way to build your business!


Well, it's free, and it can be done fairly quickly - especially if you focus from the distractions.

 What do most Network Marketing Trainers teach (still) - go bother your friends and family.

Can it work?  Sure.

Do I suggest you start with that?  No. 

Your friends and family will be the most cruel to you, if you're not prepared for their assault.

Better to put yourself out there and help people who are already looking for something - whether it's information and a good Team for My Fun Life, or just looking for income options!

How you can do it.

First, I teach my team to not focus on just one method - as I mentioned above - but blogging should be the first, primary thing you work on and is your Hub.

If you don't have a blog, don't sweat it.  I'm here to help walk you through it!

All you have to do is start writing, hit publish, and let google come find it - attracting free traffic that you help convert into red hot leads for My Fun Life.

Sound too easy?

It's not.

Sure, it's easy to complicate it, and there's much you can do, but if you sit in your PJ's and create content it can work for you.

The Process

  • Know exactly WHO you're trying to reach - stay at home moms, realtors, etc.
  • Figure out WHAT they want
  • GIVE it to them
  • PROMOTE it
  • Repeat daily

Sounds Simple, right?

It is.

So first, figure out who you're trying to reach, and what they're looking for.

If your answer is "everyone", you're not thinking hard enough.  Write it down - write down in detail your very specific Perfect Blog Visitor (your PBV!)

Say, a mid 40's Realtor with wife and 2 kids who just got another call at 11 at night from a home buyer yelling about their inspection report.

They're tired of the hours, the conflict, the endless showings.  They want options, and they have to start part-time.  But they have the lifestyle they've built - the BMW, the nice house, the pool.

See where I'm going?

You can continue to narrow this down, use your imagination!  Get Specific!

Once you know all this, you know exactly WHO you're speaking to in your blog posts, and you can write to them like an old friend.

You want to Connect with them, directly and deeply, so when they find you they feel they've found the elusive "answer" and from someone they want to get to know!

Trying to reach or connect with everyone is a sure-fire way to turn everyone off!

And that means no sales!

Let your personality show through.

  • Be Real
  • Be Authentic!
  • Share your Content!

Next step is, once you've created that life-changing blog post or awesome video, you need to tell everyone about it.

Heard of the internet yet? :)

It only takes a few minutes - share it on Facebook, G+, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and anywhere else you can think of!

This will get you views, hopefully a few 'share's and '+1's', and steadily build you as an authority and as the go-to person.

This leads to Google liking you even more. 

So, come join our My Fun Life Team, watch my getting started videos here, and start Crafting a Lifestyle Business for yourself!

Click here to Join My Fun Life for just $21!

Jon Patrick

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  1. Jon, that was a nice write-up! Im a long-time follower of yours and i just followed the system. i will check this out