My Fun Life - Is it Legit?

If you're considering the My Fun Life Travel MLM Opportunity, at some point you've asked yourself some version of this question:

"Is My Fun Life Legit?"

Well, that's a tough question to answer, as it depends on what you mean by "Legit".

  • Are you wondering if they pay?  (yes)
  • Are you wondering if there's really big money to be earned? (yes!)
  • Are you wondering if this is something other people are looking for? (Yes!)

Hopefully, you're reviewed my summary of the My Fun Life Compensation Plan!

In the interest of addressing some of these questions, here are a few screen captures I've made.

First is from the site  My Fun Life is the Number 1 Hottest Growing company out there today!

Next are two screen shots of my email, notifications letting me know I've gotten Coded Bonuses applied to my account!

So, is My Fun Life Legit?  Yeah, I think so!

If you want to find out more about My Fun Life and how this Opportunity can change your LifeStyle, just click on the banner to the right!

Jon Patrick

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